Evelyn's Funerals

Coffins, pebbles and shrouds

At Evelyn’s Funerals we offer some simple and some non-traditional coffins.
Here are a few examples – all coffins are compliant with current crematorium regulations.

Traditional solid pine £595 (shown without handles) and simple mdf with wood veneer and handles £295

Bradnam pine coffinchiltern oak veneer

Traidcraft Seagrass £595                                                                    English Willow £695

Bradnam sea grass wicker coffin

Blue or pink cardboard with rope handles from £395.00

Bradnam blue cardboard coffinpink cardboard

Themed designs from £525 can reflect character, careers or hobbies

Greenfield maltezers 3973 - Chocolate balls(1)                       

Greenfield wooden 4149 - Piano keyboard and music

Ecoffins – World Fair Trade Organisation

Bamboo Coffins £525


Bamboo Shroud £345.00


For a natural burial in the earth, it is possible to choose a shroud only.

Here is a selection of  woollen felt burial shrouds called leaf cocoons from Bellacouche that are soft and natural. The large decorated one below has an inbuilt wooden base and is designed for burial in natural burial grounds (it is not suitable for cremation) £885 plus delivery6a0133ee0ab26f970b0168e8d2ecd5970c-800wi

bellacouche baby2

small cocoon £195

bellacouche baby

small cocoon £195

Plain soft pure woollen shrouds are suitable for cremation when used inside coffins.

The one below is £210

leaf shroud plain

Respect EveryBody Shroud 

(it comes with an integral board and carrying straps – see it being carried below.

The larger external stretcher pictured on the right is extra.)

A Respects EveryBody Shroud is made from unbleached natural bamboo fabric

It can be used for cremation with the addition of an extra charger board.

respect everybofy shroud 2 respect everybody shrouds


Easy to carry and Respect EveryBody with a shroud

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