Evelyn's Funerals

Coffins, pebbles and shrouds

At Evelyn’s Funerals we offer some simple and some non-traditional coffins.
Here are a few examples – all coffins are compliant with current crematorium regulations.

Simple wood veneer coffin  £295

chiltern oak veneer

Traidcraft Seagrass from £595                                                                    English Willow from £695

Bradnam sea grass wicker coffin

Blue or pink cardboard with rope handles from £450.00

Bradnam blue cardboard coffinpink cardboard

Themed designs from £525 can reflect character, careers or hobbies


Bamboo Coffin from £595.00


For a natural burial in the earth, it is possible to choose a Felt Shroud, which is not suitable for Cremation.

from £885 plus delivery

Respect EveryBody Shroud 

This comes with an integral board and carrying straps. The larger external stretcher pictured below is extra.

A Respects EveryBody Shroud is made from unbleached natural bamboo fabric

This product has passed the FFMA Test Protocol.

Approval Code: 282-000004

It can be used for cremation with the addition of an extra charger board, additional costs will apply.  Please check with your chosen Crematorium that they will allow a Shroud and Charger Board to be used.

respect everybody shrouds

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