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  • Options selected in the categories below will give a guide to the total costs. During the Covid-19 Pandemic the law requires that one doctor must complete the medical certificates (cremation forms 4 & 5) before a cremation can take place.
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Terms & Conditions

Please download a copy of our full terms and conditions below;

Your Right to Cancel

If funeral arrangements are made in your home, then you have the right to cancel the contract if you wish.
This right can be exercised by you delivering or sending by recorded post a written Cancellation Notice at any time within 14 days of accepting the Funeral Directors written quotation.

The notice of cancellation is deemed to be served as soon as posted or in the case of electronic communication, from the day that it was sent. In the event of such cancellation, you will be responsible for any costs incurred for services provided within the cancellation period.

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