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Just right

When our beloved mum passed away at her home in October, my sister and I were not prepared to have to make a decision straight away regarding who we will choose as Funeral Director to take care of mum. It was an unwelcome pressure at a time when we absolutely least needed it.
However as soon as we spoke to Evelyn we knew we had made the right choice and she was with us within 30 mins and looked after mum with the greatest respect and care. Straight away we felt like we already knew her, such was her caring and genuine compassionate nature.

Over the next few days, Evelyn guided and supported us in getting mum’s funeral and even the scattering of mum’s ashes ” just right”. It never for one minute felt like we were dealing with a company – we were being helped through this hard process by our new family friend, who was always ready to support us with an almighty big hug!

We compared some websites regarding costs of funerals on the night that mum passed away which did not feel right at the time, but we needed to be sure that we knew what “was what” and again we have no regrets. Some companies do not display their prices and some do – all I can say is that on one website their costs came to over £1000 more than Evelyn, yet we had requested exactly the same details. I had the responsibility to ensure we spent the money mum left for her funeral wisely – whilst ensuring we did the absolute best for her at the same time. We are able to rest easy in the knowledge that by choosing Evelyn, we did not let mum down at all – she would have been very proud!

Thank you Evelyn – you will always be in our hearts for helping us through the saddest time of our lives.

K,T & S ( November 2014)

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