Evelyn's Funerals

About Us

Evelyn’s Funerals is a small independent business, which offers flexibility, good service, choice and transparency in all its dealings. Evelyn had a dream to be a different sort of funeral director and began her enterprise in 2013 and it has gone from strength to strength. Thanks to our local crematoria, who have been very supportive, and to two incredible local funeral directors who helped with advice, practical support and immeasurable kindness, many families have been able to arrange the funerals they wanted – some without any fuss or frills, some with all the bells and whistles. Going their own way…

Amanda Pink agreed to pick up the baton and to carry the work forward from 2016 and now runs the business. Amanda shares the same values, ideals and compassion and her goal is to help people to create exactly the funeral that they want and need.

Sometimes people are overwhelmed by all the choices and traditions and just want a really straightforward and simple funeral without too much fuss. Amanda now helps you to arrange this. Amanda is an experienced undertaker and trained with the British Institute of Funeral Directors.

       In 2017 Lucie came on board, leaving her previous career in IT and Project Management to get involved with the family business. Over the last few years she has thrown herself into learning all aspects of the life of a Funeral Director, and in 2019 passed her exam to be certified in Funeral Services. She now looks after our Direct Cremations whilst she undertakes further training.

Personal Attention

Amanda will walk every step with you, consult with you and take care of the details in a professional, calm and sensitive way.


Amanda will make arrangements that suit your needs, your timetable and your budget.
She’ll listen and work with you to make the funeral happen the way you want.


Evelyn’s Funerals will be open about how much things cost and which things are essential and which things are optional. There is a price estimator  to learn about the prices Evelyn’s Funerals charge, as well as any fees you might have to pay to other people. We will always help you find alternatives if you want to compare what we offer, and if you feel you need different facilities and services, we can recommend other local funeral directors who we trust and have worked with in the past.

Evelyn says:

You only get one chance to get the funeral right and we know how important it is. It’s your last chance to say goodbye – to create a funeral that reflects the true life and character of the person you care about.
We’ll help you to get it right. At the end of the funeral,
we want you to feel that you have done all the right things,
and created exactly the right send off.


Registered in England Nr 851781